2016 Mazda BT-50 XT 2WD cab chassis

It’s normal to aspire to the top-line model but at times, say when you’re buying a ute, a reality check dictates you go for something more practical and affordable. Mazda car price in US is nice.

Spending $60,000 on a work truck is big money by anyone’s measure. A brickie for example doesn’t need leather trim, premium audio and shiny alloys to get his gear to the worksite.

What’s needed is a workhorse truck — a hose-out job with vinyl floor mats, steel wheels and as large an alloy tray and payload as possible. Maybe you wan to buy mazda car.

Mazda’s rear-drive BT-50 2.2-litre XT cab-chassis fits the bill perfectly, unless you are driving on boggy sites.

A recent upgrade restyled the BT-50s crazy-looking “face”, tweaked equipment levels and more significantly added a six-speed auto to the base model. It’s a big ask — at $28,815, it comes at a $3200 premium over the six-speed manual — but some prefer the self-shifter for towing and heavy city driving.

You can buy mazda car in dealer for leasing.

The cab-chassis is the only model with the diesel four-cylinder and the rest run a 3.2-litre five-cylinder.

A reverse camera is optional on XT at $820 and it is standard on the rest of the range.

The huge tray is a plus. In the XT it is aluminium and measures 2550mm long by 1842mm wide — the length can lead to parking difficulties in shopping centres.

When you need to carry plenty of gear, the rule is “the bigger the better” and the BT-50 really comes into its own here. The payload is 1533kg, pretty impressive for a one-tonne ute and, what’s more, it can tow 3350kg. If you want to decide to buy mazda car you must buy this car.


PriceFrom $25,570
Thirst222g/km CO2 Tank 80L
Safety4-star ANCAP
Warranty3 years/100,000km
Service Interval6 months/10,000km
Engine2.198L turbo 4-cyl diesel, 110kW/375Nm
Transmission6-spd manual, RWD
SpareSpace saver
Turning circle12.4m diameter
Dimensions5124mm (L), 1850mm (W), 1703mm (H)